Engineering Projects

  • PROJECT ENGINEERING : C2C (Concept To Commissioning) Mechanical, Civil Metallurgical, Electrical Engineering .
  • Structural Fabrication & Erection Of Heavy Structural Parts
  • Fabrication of Railway Engine & Wagons
  • Fabrication of Pressure Vessels
  • Fabrication & Erection Commissioning of Oil, Gas, Compress Air Pipe Line (Industrial)
  • Ducting & Ventilation (Air Handling System)
  • Construction of Building, Structures, Culverts, Bridges & Roads
  • Industrial Electrification & installment of bus bar
  • Maintenance work
  • Design & Manufacturing & Instasllation of Mechanical, Hydraulic , Civil Engineering Laboratory for Diploma & Degree Engg Colleges

Our Engineering Consultancy Services

  • Project work on metallurigical Process Industries.
  • Design, Development Preparation of specification, Selection of Equipment and consultancy work on laboratories.
  • Consultancy on quality assurance and process control of casting, Forgings, Rolled Products, Heat Treatment and Welding.
  • Development and investigation work.
  • Fracture Study
  • Determination of Coating thickness.
  • Failure Analysis of Engineering materials.
  • Residual Life Assessment

Recent completed / On-going projects / Works

  • Fabrication of WAG 9 Engine at M/s Jessop Co. Ltd for Chittaranjan Locomotive Works
  • Fabrication & Mock Assembly of Pollutant Tanks
  • Fabrication & Erection of Coal Gas Line at Raja Biscuit Industries, Gas line & Oil Line at , Dumdum, & Gas line at White Products Ltd. Compressed Airlines including installation of Compressor and Air drier at Harnaut , Central East
  • Railway Carriage Overhauling Plant, Bihar on Behalf of Enginneering Projects India Ltd.
  • Ducting & Ventilation ( Air Handling system) at Jai Sai , Sodepur.
  • Fabrication of Pressure Vessels for Praxer at Texmaco Ltd.
  • Fabrication of AIR Tanks for compressors for Hallman Climax .
  • Fabrication & Erection of structures, Columns, Girders, Shades for Central East Railway Carriage Overhauling Plant, Bihar on Behalf of GPT Infra Projects .
  • Civil Structural Work at Bengal Chemical Works.