• Ultrasonic Flaw Detector -Detection of internal Flaws in Castings, Forgings, rolled product, and welded joints by Ultrasonic Flaw Detector.
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging -Wall Thickness of pipe by digital Ultrasonic machine.
  • Magnetic Particle Testing -Detection of Flaw at surface and sub surface region by magnetic method for Ferro magnetic materials.
  • Dye Penetrant Testing -Detection of flaws on material surface by Dye Penetrant method.
  • Industrial Radiography -Industrial Radiography for flaw detection in welded joints, castings, Rolled products.
  • Dynamic Portable Hardness Testing -Hardness Testing of large and static engineering installations.


  • We are specialized in retrofitting-restructuring of buildings, structures, engineering installations like chimneys, silos, hoppers, etc. We provide full fledged NDT testing evaluation before and after the retrofitting work. We are also conducting structural stability testing and retrofitting work in association with reputed educational professional institutions.


  • Micro structure analysis for grain structure, case depth, grain size, Assessment of Heat Treatment, Inter Granular and Trans granular Corrosion, Identification of brittle base, carbide precipitation, Inclusion Ratings.
  • Macro Structure for Identification of macro defects as inclusions, Segregations, dendrites etc.
  • In Situ Metallography for Metallographic work at site for large heat treated parts, pipes, welded arts, boiler plate, hot plate, Forged & Rolled stocks.
  • Residual Life Assessment, Failure Analysis of Engineering parts, Scanning Electron Microscopy.