Quality control

    Metallurgical Quality Control Laboratory Section

  • Chemical Analysis of Iron, Steel and Non Ferrous metals like Aluminium, Copper, Silver, Zinc and alloys like, Brass, Bronze, Gun Metal etc. Chemical Analysis of minerals, Ferro Alloys, ash content of coke, polymar, leather, rubber, jute etc.

  • Determination of physical properties such as UTS,Yield Stress, proof Stress, % Elongation, Reduction in area, Bend, Rebend test, Impact test, Hardness like, Brinell, Rockwell, Vickers and also Hardness at site.

  • Micro structure analysis for grain structure, case depth, grain size, Assessment of Heat Treatment , Inter Granular and trans granular corrosion, Identification of brittle base, carbide precipitation , Inclusion Ratings. Macro Structure for Identification of macro defects as inclusions, segregations, dendrites etc. In Situ Metallography for Metallographic work at site for large Heat treated parts, pipes, welded arts, boiler plate, hot plate,Forged & Rolled stocks. Residual Life Assessment, Failure Analysis of Engineering parts. Scanning Electron Micrography.

  • Detection of internal Flaws in Castings, Forgings, rolled product, and welded joints by Ultrasonic Flaw Detector.Wall Thickness of pipe by digital Ultrasonic machine. Detection of Flaw at surface and sub surface region by magnetic method for Ferro magnetic materials. Detection of flaws on material surface by Dye Penetrant method. Industrial Radiography for flaw detection in welded joints, castings, Rolled products.

  • Welding Qualification & performance Qualification Test. Corrosion tests such as Intergranualr Corrosion Test, Copper Strip Corrosion, Salt Spray Tests.

Repairing & Calibration of Vernier, Micrometer, pressure Gauge, Flow meter.

Our Associate Laboratory has NABL Accreditation For

    Low Alloy Steels & Plain Carbon Steel
    C,Mn,Si,S, P, Ni, Cr, Cu
    High Alloy Steel Steel
    C, Mn, Si, S, P, Ni,Cr, Cu.
    Cast Iron
    C, Mn,Si, P, Ni,Cr,Cu.
    Copper & Copper Base Alloys
    Cu, Zn, Sn, Pb, Mn, Ni, Fe, Si, Al, P.

    Mechanical Tests Tensile Test ( Tensile, Yield, % Elongation, % Reduction of area Bend Test Hardness Test Brinell, Rockwell, Vickers. MetallograPhic Test Macro & Micro Structure, Non Metallic Inclusion, Avg, Grain Size, Deth of Decarburisation layers