Testing & Calibration


DCEPL offers calibration services for measuring hand tools, gages, standards and pressure, torque, force, temperature, electrical, mass, vacuum and flow instruments. Repair service is also available for many items, as well as on-site calibration services for measuring tools and a variety of equipment. The DCE lab technicians also verify the dimensional accuracy of product features for customers with dimensional inspection services.
During instrument calibration, technicians compare the performance output of a measuring tool or instrument with a measurement standard. Calibration services confirm that the item will produce results which meet or exceed that standard’s criteria. Our professional calibration staff works with state-of-the-art calibration equipment in an environment-controlled laboratory, so you can count on precise results and timely turnaround.

Services for masters, gauges, hand tools and electrical, temperature, pressure, torque, force, mass, vacuum and flow instruments.

Service in the field for tools and gauges, as well as a wide-range of instruments and equipment including surface plates, optical comparators, hardness testers, compression testing machines, balances/scales, ovens/furnaces, temperature controllers/readouts and many more.

Mechanical repairs and adjustments in our calibration laboratory and in the field; replace parts and new instruments also available.

  • Monitoring of Workplace Ventilation, Illumination Level, and Noise Level.
  • Checking of Earth-pits.
  • Testing of Air Storage Tanks / Vessels and Lifting M/c & lifting equipments.
  • And many more..